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The leading international suppliers of Pressure Relief Valves (Breather Valves) and Storage Tank Fittings in the world.

Manufacturers Of Pressure Vacuum Relief Valves And Flame Arrestors

Motherwell Tank Protection (MTP) manufacture breather valves, flame arrerstors, pressure vacuum relief valves, emergency relief vents, free vents, Gauge hatches and Mechanical level gauges. Supplying industries which include Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, food, water and Biogas

Motherwell Tank Protection, MTP,  design and manufacture pressure vacuum relief valves, flamr arrestors, free vents, gauge hatch and level gauges. All products are designed and manufactured out of our custom built factory based in St Helen’s, UK.  We are accredited by the (BSI) British Standards Institute the UK’s national standards organization that produces standards and information on products that promote and share best practice, and also numerous other accreditation’s. We have provided and supplied products to the oil and gas industry worldwide.

Our industry experience and expertise has allowed Motherwell Tank Protection to produce a range of high quality products such as pressure vacuum relief valves, Emergency Relief Vents, Liquid Level Gauges, Gauge hatches and many more. The whole manufacturing procedure is completed by the onsite Tank Fittings Department, resulting in innovative, safe yet cost effective products.

MTP are based in the UK where they carry out all their manufacturing with over 150 years of delivering a high quality service we pride ourselves on our expert industry knowledge all manufactured in the UK.

We can trace our manufacturing back to the year 1859 when the Bold Iron Works was established by William Neill & Son Ltd in St Helen’s, England. The company specialise in equipment for Chemical Factories and later for Oil Storage Installations and Oil Refineries. Under the name of Neill-Varec, the company manufactured tank level measuring devices, pressure relief valves and other tank instruments and fittings. The Company later joined the Capper-Neill Group before becoming a member of the Motherwell Bridge Group of Companies in 1984 it was subsequently the subject of a management  buyout in 2003. Today, the company is today a wholly owned subsidiary of Motherwell Tank Holdings and specialists in storage tank fittings for the Bulk liquid storage tanks

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Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve PVRVPressure Vacuum Relief Valve PVRVPressure Only Relief Valves - PRVPressure Only Relief Valves - PRVVacuum Relief ValveVacuum Relief ValveSpring Loaded Pressure Vacuum Relief ValveSpring Loaded Pressure Vacuum Relief ValveEmergency Relief ManwaysEmergency Relief ManwaysPressure and Vacuum Emergency ManwayPressure and Vacuum Emergency ManwayAccess ManwayAccess ManwayDeflagration, In-Line Flame Arrester Deflagration, In-Line Flame Arrester End Of Line Deflagration Flame ArrestersEnd Of Line Deflagration Flame ArrestersIn-Line Detonation Flame ArresterIn-Line Detonation Flame ArresterVent Combination ArrestersVent Combination ArrestersTank Blanketing ValveTank Blanketing ValveTank Liquid Level Indicator or Float GaugeTank Liquid Level Indicator or Float GaugeMechanical Float and Tape Level Gauge ( level Indicator )Mechanical Float and Tape Level Gauge ( level Indicator )High Pressure Float Level GaugesHigh Pressure Float Level GaugesRadar Level Transmitter | Radar Level Gauge Radar Level Transmitter | Radar Level Gauge 2800i High Accuracy Tank Servo Level Gauge2800i High Accuracy Tank Servo Level GaugeTank Free VentsTank Free VentsRim VentRim VentCNC 101 Atmospheric Gauge hatchCNC 101 Atmospheric Gauge hatchCNC 102 Lockable Gauge HatchCNC 102 Lockable Gauge HatchCNC 103 Combination Gauge HatchCNC 103 Combination Gauge HatchCombined Free Vents & Sampling HatchCombined Free Vents & Sampling Hatch