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Vacuum Relief Valve (CNC382 & CNC387)

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Vacuum Relief Valve (CNC382 & CNC387)

Vacuum Relief Breather Valve is available in both dead weight and spring loaded


Looking for the right vacuum relief valve to protect your system?

Motherwell Tank Protection are manufacturers of high quality vacuum relief valves to customers worldwide. Our vacuum relief valve is specifically designed for tank protection, they are the ideal product when only vacuum relief is required. For other options see our full range of breather valves, each is designed to suit the customers specific needs.

Motherwell offer a free valve sizing service, let us recommend the right vacuum relief valve

All our vacuum relief valves are available with the following options


Our vacuum only relief valves are compliant with European ATEX directives where applicable. Our breather valves are used extensively on bulk storage tanks, including floating roof tanks.

We manufacture our vacuum relief valves in our UK manufacturing plant to exacting quality standards and backed by over 40 years experience.

Our Vacuum Relief Valve is available in the configurations below

Vacuum Only Relief from Atmosphere
Vacuum Only Relief from Closed Line
Vacuum Only Relief Valve from Atmosphere Vacuum Only Relief Valve from Closed Line

Please find Datasheets for the CNC 380 series below

CNC380 Series Pressure Vacuum Relief Valve

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