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Plans For Biogas Plant In Bournemouth

Wessex Water has submitted plans to build a biogas plant just outside Bournemouth, with the firm claiming that the new facility is needed because the existing Berry Hill Sewage Treatment Works is producing more biogas than its combined heat and power unit can combust.

The Bournemouth Echo reported on the proposals, which need to be approved by the council before any construction can begin.

If successful, the new biogas plant would be located on the same site as the Berry Hill Sewage Treatment Works, and the firm claims that it would not have much impact on the industrial setting of the works.

However, because the new plant would be located on green belt land, there are still hurdles to overcome before it’s given the go-ahead.

Wessex Water has conducted a feasibility study to decide what’s best to do with the excess biogas being produced.

“The study has concluded that the best course of action is to install a gas to grid plant at Berry Hill for injection into the gas main,” the company stated.

It added that the gas produced would be of a high standard and suitable to be pumped into the national grid. Given that there is already a treatment works on the site, Wessex Water noted that there would be little additional odour, noise or vehicle movement as a result of a new plant. If approved, construction could begin as early as next year.

Earlier this year, Flintshire Council gave the green light to a scheme to construct a biogas plant in Deeside, which will generate energy from rubbish thereby helping divert waste from landfill as well as producing energy.

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