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New Hybrid Energy System Launched For Farms

A new self-contained system to help farmers deal with their waste has been launched by Bioplex and Controllis.

Waste Management World reported on the new hybrid energy solution, which uses a combination of solar power and anaerobic digestion (AD) to deliver energy. The AD element produces biogas, while solar panels generate electricity.

The news provider noted that farmers who introduce the system could not only provide for their own energy needs using farm and horse stable manures, but also make a profit by selling energy back to the grid.

Managing director of Bioplex Chris Reynell said that the idea was to provide a solution that would help farmers in more ways than one. “Farmers face a real challenge when dealing with both plant and animal waste,” he asserted.

“It seems crazy just to spread it, whilst losing nutrients to the atmosphere and watercourses, when it can easily be turned into electricity,” he added.

Another issue that many farmers face is being in remote locations, where it can be difficult and costly to connect a power supply. Having the ability to generate their own electricity is therefore a significant advantage.

Having a hybrid system is sensible, because the solar panels will generate electricity when no biogas is being produced and vice-versa.

One farm that’s demonstrating how AD can be used to generate green energy is Worthy Farm, home of Glastonbury. The Pyramid Stage is set to be powered entirely by electricity generated using biogas produced in an AD plant this year, one of many initiatives undertaken by organisers to make the music festival as environmentally friendly as possible.

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