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Can You Generate Biogas At Home?

Bigas is a great alternative to other types of fuel, such as natural gas, which is non-renewable. There are many methods of production of biogas on a large, commercial scale however did you know that you can also generate your own biogas at home?

Biogas is mainly made from methane, which is also the primary component of natural gas, making it the perfect substitute. Natural gas is used for many different tasks, such as cooking, heating and powering machinery meaning biogas can be used as a replacement for all of these.

The way biogas is produced is by allowing natural matter to decompose and the gas produced by the anaerobic reaction is then collected, stored and used as fuel.

This matter can range from food waste and vegetation to animal manure and even waste crops. These are all materials which can be collected at home and used for producing biogas.

To produce biogas at home you will need an airtight container. Placing the organic material in the container and mixing it with water and a starting culture then closing up the container will begin the decomposition process.

You will need to add some additional parts to your biogas generator in order to collect the gas effectively. This includes a tube to refill the material, an outlet to remove the old material as well as a gas outlet or valves in order to collect the gas once it has been produced.

This means you can continue filling and producing your biogas generator as the waste material is consumed, therefore creating a constant supply of fuel.

You should be wary of the size of your container, as one that is too small will not produce a usable amount of gas quickly and may therefore be redundant.