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BrewDog Announces New Anaerobic Digestor


Scots’ brewer BrewDog has announced it is commissioning a new anaerobic digestor (AD) at its headquarters in an attempt to reduce its carbon emissions.

The bio-energy plant is expected to cost £12 million and will work by processing as much as 200 million litres of wastewater it produces a year, as well as spent yeast and hops, at the brewery in Ellon, near Aberdeen.

This will create biomethane, which will then power the site’s boilers, producing more than 176 million pints of beer per annum, the Scotsman reported.

BrewDog’s director of sustainability Sarah Warman said: “We’re not just here to make great beer – we’re making great beer that doesn’t cost the earth.”

She stated the company wants to make BrewDog the most “planet-friendly beer on earth”, and its bio-energy plant will help it to achieve this goal.

The bio-energy plant will reduce emissions at the Ellon brewery, which opened in 2013, by more than 7,500 tonnes every year once it is fully operational.

The brewer also intends to use any surplus gas to power delivery vehicles and send back any spare to the grid. The AD will be able to create 200 cubic metres of biomethane per hour, which amounts to 23,000 MWh of energy over 12 months, providing heat for more than 1,500 hours.

Ms Warman stated BrewDog wants to “lead the way for the entire brewing industry”.

Indeed, it is also involved in replanting 1.1 million trees and restoring peatland in the 9,308-acre Lost Forest near Aviemore, which it hopes will remove significant carbon from the air over the next century.


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