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World Biogas Expo Rebranded ‘To Showcase Pivotal Role Of AD’

The UK AD and World Biogas Expo has changed its name to reflect the important role anaerobic digestion (AD) is set to have in energy production over the next decade.

It will now be known as the World Biogas Expo hosted by the UK Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) and the World Biogas Association (WBA).

The tradeshow, which is the biggest dedicated to AD and biogas, was renamed to highlight the global potential of this technology, as well as encourage businesses from all over the world to adopt these processes.

Charlotte Morton, chief executive of the ADBA, said: “We need to demonstrate the vital contribution biogas makes. This is, therefore, the year to raise the profile of our expo, demonstrating the UK’s commitment to making the most of biogas to achieve Net Zero, through on-farm AD, food waste collections, biomethane in heat and transport.”

Indeed, in June 2019, the UK became the first major economy to commit itself to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to a balance of net zero by 2050.

Its previous goal was to reduce carbon emissions to at least 80 per cent of 1990’s levels. However, the issue of climate change drove the government to raise its ambitions so that any emissions would be offset by schemes such as planting trees or technology, including carbon capture and storage.

Therefore, generating energy in environmentally-friendly ways, such as through AD or biogas, will become increasingly important over the next few years.

Ms Morton noted the UK is already cutting its emissions through AD by one per cent. She stated that recycling all organic waste through AD could reduce global emissions by 12 per cent within the next ten years.

Indeed, Chris Stark, chief executive officer of the UK Committee on Climate Change, recently stated: “The role of AD and biogas in the next decade is pivotal, and without it, we won’t reach out Net Zero goal by 2050.”

He went on to encourage greater deployment of AD as soon as possible, saying without establishing an AD strategy within the next 12 months, “the next decade looks impossible and the next century looks ropy”.

This year’s tradeshow will be the fourth and showcases the potential of AD and biogas to all those in the energy sector.

It has had the on-going support of ADBA and WBA since its conception, with the organisation continually trying to boost growth of AD in the UK.

“The World Biogas Expo will provide a platform for national associations and companies from around the world to connect with each other and co-ordinate efforts to deploy AD and biogas on a truly global scale,” David Newman, president of the WBA, commented.

He noted the importance of everyone in the industry around the world working together to achieve this goal, saying the change in branding of the tradeshow was intended to provide an impetus to get “key international players” involved.

Among those already signed up to exhibit this year are ARK Agriculture, Morris Lubricants, Celtic Chemicals and Greencorp.

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