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Waste To Energy Plant Planned in Perthshire


Pressure relief valves are essential for any business looking to boost their waste-to-energy output this coming year.

Waste-to-energy has previously proved fairly controversial in this country, unlike in the countries of our European neighbours. This is as previous attempt to introduce waste to energy plants have been fought off by NIMBYs and environmentalists arguing that the environmental impact of these plants was too high to be justified.

One of the problems associated with this controversy is that a lot of waste that would otherwise go into landfill is shipped abroad to be incinerated, with obvious additional cost and carbon emissions associated with that.

A sea change in the way people view energy plants has been signalled by the recent resubmission of plans to introduce a £70 million waste to energy plant in Perthshire.


Binn Group has outlined plans to build a facility with the capacity to burn 84,900 tonnes of non-recyclable rubbish a year, and create 200 jobs locally at its Binn Ecopark.


The plans were originally submitted in 2006 with the capacity to process 60,000 tonnes of rubbish.

Binn Group chief executive Allan MacGregor told Insider.co.uk: "Too much of this resource stream is currently shipped abroad when we could process it here through a more carbon-friendly solution such as EfW. Binn Group strongly believes that smaller multi-technical resource management platforms should be developed at local level to manage waste streams as close to their generation point as possible.”

He added this would help the Government achieve its zero waste targets.