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Methane-Powered Tractor Unveiled At Event


The world’s first methane-powered tractor was unveiled at the Farming for Clean Air show on Tuesday 14 September, along with a selection of other environmentally friendly vehicles.

BBC News reports that the show, which took place at Cambridge University’s Park Farm in Madingley, will also demonstrate the UK’s first electric 4x4 off-road vehicle and an electric forklift. The organisers of the show say that the new methods will help the country achieve its carbon-neutral targets.

The new T6.180 Methane Power tractor, demonstrated at the show, uses its own anaerobic digestion plant/biodigester as its fuel source, which means that the agricultural vehicle can be refilled at very low fuel costs.

There will also be a showcase of developments such as minimising the smell of slurry, at the event, being hosted by the University of Cambridge and Anglia Rural Consultants.

Mary Dimambro, an independent farm consultant, told the BBC that farming and agriculture faced several clean air challenges to help the UK achieve its commitment to reduce ammonia emissions by 16 per cent by 2030.

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) has produced a Clean Air Strategy which explains what agriculture needs to do to reach that target. This includes introducing low emissions spreading by 2026, covering slurry and digestate stores by 2027 and meeting new design standards for livestock housing.

Paul Kelly, dairy farm manager for the University of Cambridge, said: “As farmers, we are going to have a vital role in helping the UK meet its carbon targets.

We are committed to net-zero by 2040, to eliminating run-off and to improving air quality. There is equipment that will help us to achieve this and so we are delighted to host this Clean Air Field day.”

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