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Lincolnshire AD Plant To Go Ahead

An aerobic digestion (AD) plant in Lincolnshire has been given the go ahead, despite public concerns regarding smells being emitted from the site.

Lincolnshire County Council’s Planning and Regulation Committee approved proposals for the AD facility in Glentham, between Lincoln and Scunthorpe, after plans were altered in response to energy funding rule changes, Lincolnshire Live reported.

West Lindsey District Council originally agreed to the site in 2020, but a legislation update meant the facility could no longer be subsidised if it does not use at least 50 per cent waste or residue feedstock in the plant, and the final decision needed county council approval. 

Chris Barton, who submitted the application, told the news provider: “Our new proposal will see less productive agricultural land used for energy crop production while still producing biomethane for injection into the National Grid immediately adjacent to the site.”

This also qualms concern from local residents that the facility would increase traffic, as most material would be produced on the site. 

Additionally, Mr Barton allied fears that stockpiling on the site would result in an unpleasant odour, saying there was no need to hoard waste. 

The intention for the site is to use biogas to output 6.8MW of energy a year from 42,250 tonnes of material. 

This comes after the Bristol Post revealed proposals for a new biogas plant in Somerset have been resubmitted after being rejected by Bath and North East Somerset Council. 

Resourceful Energy Aerobic Limited (REAL) has appealed the local authority’s decision, saying being able to process 92,000 tonnes of food waste into renewable electricity will make a big impact on the fight against climate change. 


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