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JLEN Invests In Two AD Plants

John Laing’s environmental infrastructure fund (JLEN) has acquired two more anaerobic digestion (AD) plants in the UK.

The first site is Egmere Energy Limited, situated in North Norfolk, which currently mainly produces biomethane for the gas grid. The 5MW facility contains a 500kW CHP engine, which is similar to the second site – Grange Farm Energy Limited in Lincolnshire.

JLEN has invested £36 million in the acquisition, using venture capital funds managed by Downing LLPS, EIS funds that are managed by Amersham Investment Management, together with minority shareholders.

Chairman of JLEN Richard Morse said: “We are pleased with JLEN’s continued investment in the anaerobic digestion sector and look forward to working with out partner, Future Biogas, to continue the strong performance of these assets.”

Future Biogas Limited will stay on providing management for the site, as well as taking care of their operations and maintenance.

These acquisitions follow two other purchases JLEN has made in the last year. It spent £26 million investing in a facility in Ipsden, South Oxfordshire, and a plant in Hatfield Woodhouse, near Doncaster.

The former is a 5MW AD site that produces green gas for grid injection costing £11 million, while the latter was a £15.3 million deal for Vulcan Renewables, producing biomethane.

Following the second acquisition, which took place in February this year, Mr Morse said JLEN is committed to buying more AD “due to the high proportion of inflation-linked revenues backed by government subsidy regimes”.

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