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Heathrow Airport Goes Green With AD Commitment

Heathrow Airport has shown its commitment to going greener by replacing natural gas with bio-methane from anaerobic digestion (AD).

The travel hub has signed an agreement with energy firm ENGIE to supply bio-methane to all its terminals until March 2022, Facilities Management Journal reported.

It had previously been providing the fuel, which is wholly derived from AD, to the airport’s Energy Centre.

Heathrow’s director of sustainability Matt Gorman said: “On our journey to rapidly decarbonise every aspect of the industry, we are proud to be partnering with ENGIE to significantly remove carbon from our gas supply, a move that has also helped us to gain carbon neutral status.”

He added that the entire UK aviation industry has committed to reach net-zero by 2050, which is an ambitious target for the sector.

However, it falls in line with the government’s pledge last June to bring all greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero by this deadline. The UK was the first major economy to pass this law, which stated any emissions had to be balanced by schemes that offset the same amount of greenhouse gas from the atmosphere. This can be achieved through tree planting, or carbon capture and storage technology.

The bio-methane, which is certified under the Renewable Gas Guarantees of Origin (RGGOs) Scheme as having been produced entirely from AD, will be inputted into the grid using several feedstocks.

As well as reducing carbon emissions, this commitment will help Heathrow support local bio-methane production and protect wildlife at these AD sites.

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