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Government Launches Low-Carbon Industrial Sector Plan


The UK government has announced plans to create the world’s first low-carbon industrial sector, Infrastructure Intelligence reports. The Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy is an ambitious new plan to help achieve the carbon net zero target by 2050. It aims to create a manufacturing and industrial sector that is both green and globally competitive.

It is claimed that the new measures will cut carbon emissions by two thirds in 15 years, and support or create 80,000 jobs. £171m of funding has been allocated to nine green tech projects in Scotland, South Wales, the North West, Humber and Teesside. They will focus on the rollout of carbon capture, usage and storage, and hydrogen.

CBI chief economist Rain Newton-Smith said:

“The Industrial Decarbonisation Strategy marks another vital step in the UK’s plans to achieve its net-zero emissions target. Creating and championing competitive low-carbon industries will ensure the benefits of a green economic recovery, and the longer-term transition to net-zero, are shared across the whole country.

To help reduce carbon emissions from public sector buildings such as schools, hospitals, and council offices, £932m has been allocated to 429 projects across England. It will fund energy efficiency measures such as low carbon heating systems, upgrades to insulation, and LED lighting.

In the North West, £33m has been allocated to transform the area into a low carbon industrial cluster by 2030. Two projects will work towards creating a hydrogen economy, which includes repurposing old oil and gas facilities for carbon transport and storage. They will also aim to directly capture and store carbon emissions.

In Scotland, £31m of funding has been granted for offshore and onshore engineering studies which aim to connect industrial sites across East Scotland with access to safe carbon storage deep beneath the North Sea. This will help Scotland transition away from oil and gas, and create tens of thousands of jobs.

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