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First English AD Plant Certified Under New Scheme

The first English anaerobic digestion (AD) plant has been certified under the new scheme to recognise good practice in the sector and encourage operators to raise their standards.

Bore Hill Farm Biodigester, in Wiltshire, has received the ADCS certification, making it the first in England to receive the award.

The Anaerobic Digestion & Bioresources Association (ADBA) launched the initiative in December last year.

Waste Management World highlighted the achievement for Bore Hill Farm, noting that the only other plant to receive the certification so far is located in Northern Ireland.

The Wiltshire-based plant is run by Malaby Biogas, with Nick Johnn, director of the ADBA’s certification body, telling the news provider that the team at the plant are “a great example of the high standards which can be achieved in the AD sector”.

Director of Malaby Biogas Thomas Minter explained that one of the reasons his company wanted to achieve this certification is because regulators and insurers have been so actively involved in its development.

To receive an ADCS certification, a biogas plant must undergo an independent audit of its practices and equipment, which is designed to demonstrate its credibility to insurers and investors, resource explained at the time of the scheme’s launch.

Bore Hill Farm was praised for the design and construction of the plant itself, as well as its excellent health and safety practices.

As well as celebrating the success of operators who are doing a good job, it’s also hoped that this certification scheme can drive improvements within the biogas industry. According to the ADCS website, there are a higher number of pollution incidents in the AD industry than any other regulated sector in the country.

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