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ENA Backs Calls For Investment In Green Gas

The five gas network companies in Britain are calling on the government to provide funding to help them develop the world’s first zero carbon gas grid.

Cadent, National Grid, NGN, SGN and Wales & West Utilities want the government to help unlock some £900 million to be invested in green gas networks around the country as part of their Zero Carbon Commitment package.

This comes as the Energy Networks Association (ENA) revealed that its research shows that the country would be a net beneficiary of any investment in a zero carbon hydrogen network before 2045. The development of a zero carbon gas grid would also benefit bill payers, saving them some £89 billion in this timeframe.

Among the plans outlined in the commitment is investment in more “cross-cutting” projects, which will include connecting a greater number of bio-methane and hydrogen generation schemes to the grid, as well as ensuring that network operators are able to manage the gas introduced through these connections.

Speaking to Bioenergy Insight, head of gas at the ENA Matt Hindle explained that prioritising decarbonisation of the UK’s gas network could help the government make progress towards its aim of the country being net zero on its emissions by 2050. This is because some 85 per cent of homes in the UK are connected to the gas grid.

The number of properties connected to the gas grid would also make this kind of initiative a cost-effective way of making progress towards the 2050 target.

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