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Designs For New AD Plant In Northumberland Revealed


There will be a new anaerobic digestor (AD) plant in Northumberland, with designs for the site having recently been revealed. 

Waste company Suez has published its vision for the AD facility, which will be built on its current site on Ellington Road, located between Linton Colliery and Ashington, Chronicle Live reported.

It hopes the machinery will supply gas to over 3,300 properties once it is fully operational, which it intends it to be by 2025, by transforming food waste into renewable biogas and soil improver.

A spokesperson for the company stated: ““The anaerobic digestion facility can help the government meet its ambitions to eliminate food waste going to landfill by 2030. In addition, the biogas created from food waste provides a source of renewable energy.”

It was added the gas and electricity generated by the AD would be used to power the plant. 

Locals were reassured Suez is taking “sophisticated” measures to ensure the AD has as little impact on their lives as possible, including controlling the odours from the site and blending the facility into the landscape much like the existing compositing building. 

It will limit the smell from the AD by treating the air within the digesters before it is released. What’s more, the building will be fully enclosed, which will reduce any noise pollution from the machinery. 

Suez has more than 300 sites around the UK, as well as its facility in Ashington. These include ones in Teesside, Huddersfield, and Middlesbrough, among many others. 


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