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Calls To Reduce Food Waste And Increased AD

ReFood, a food waste anaerobic digestion (AD) company has been lobbying for government support in a drive to end food waste going to landfill sites. ReFood has three AD plants in the UK, and has been seeking a UK-wide ban since 2013, when it announced its ‘Vision 2020’ roadmap.

The organisation believes that achieving the goal of preventing all food waste from going to landfill would be impossible without legislative support.

ReFood has stated that UK landfill sites are at capacity, and the greenhouse gases generated from landfilling food waste is a significant threat to the environment. For the past seven years, we have been campaigning for a national ban on food waste to landfill,” said Philip Simpson, commercial director at ReFood, as reported by Bioenergy News.

Working in partnership with trade bodies, celebrity chefs, politicians and thought leaders from across the food supply chain, we spearheaded the Vision 2020 movement in 2013 and have lobbied the government to change legislation ever since.”

Meanwhile, children from four schools in the Southwark area of London have been highlighting food waste and food poverty at a takeover of Borough Market in London Bridge. By cooking a wide variety of dishes with food that would otherwise go to waste, they are making a point of showing how much food is thrown away every year in the UK.

The annual Winter Sale, as it’s known, aims to educate children about food poverty, as well as teach them cooking and entrepreneurial skills and is hosted the School Food Matters’ Young Marketeers programme.

Borough Market has ensured that none of the plastic and paper that is used for serving food goes to landfall, and is all recycled, and any food waste is sent to an AD plant, to be transformed in to power, fertiliser, and water.

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