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Biomethane Comes To Bristol

Households in Bristol can now use biomethane as a substitute for natural gas. GENeco has partnered with Bristol Energy to offer this fuel to consumers who are looking for a green alternative to the fossil fuel.

The firm takes sewage and food that isn’t fit for human consumption and turns it into biomethane using anaerobic digestion (AD).

Managing director of GENeco Mohammed Saddiq explained that his firm provides a “significant supply of gas” to the national network.

He also explained just how much benefit their AD plant offers the environment. “Our plant provides carbon savings of around 30,000 tonnes CO2e per year and is a real success story for Bristol,” he stated.

Mr Saddiq added: “Powering people’s homes using waste from the local area is a real-life example of the circular economy in action.”

Open Access Government recently highlighted the potential of biomethane as a fuel source for the UK, noting that it is sustainable and can be sourced from sewage, organic waste, manure and dead plant and animal matter.

It highlighted the Minworth Sewage Treatment Works, which was opened in 2014 by Severn Trent Water, where biogas from the AD process is converted to make it suitable for use in the domestic gas supply.

There are 16 anaerobic digesters at the Minworth site, and these are able to produce electricity as well as biomethane for the grid.

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