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Biogas Plant Could Supply Bournemouth Residents With Fuel

Residents in Bournemouth could have their fuel generated by biogas production in the near future, if plans for a new plant on an existing sewage treatment works is given the go ahead.

Wessex Water is in talks about building the site at the Berry Hill Sewage Treatment Works facility in Watery Lane, north-east of Muscliff, reported the Bournemouth Echo.

The reason behind the plans is because the site is “currently producing more biogas than the combined heat and power unit can combust”.

The planning statement added that a feasibility study “concluded that the best course of action is to install a gas to grid plant at Berry Hill for injection into the gas main”.

A biogas plant, to be built by Wessex Water Enterprises, would turn sewage sludge into biomethane by using tank breather valves. This gas could then be used on the National Grid, supplying power to residents in the region.

However, Wessex Water might face some objections to its proposals, as the site would be located in the green belt. Therefore, it would need to demonstrate “special circumstances” for its plans to be approved.

While the plant is expected to include a 18-metre tall column and four further stacks ranging between eight and 14 metres high, the organisation claims there will be little impact for locals, with minimal noise, odours or transport problems.

This comes after the Leader Live revealed a new biogas facility has been approved in Deeside. Flintshire Council agreed to Logik WTE’s proposals for a large waste management plant at Deeside Industrial Park, which is expected to handle 182,000 tons of rubbish a year and produce two megawatts of green energy as a result.