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Anaerobic Digestion To Play ‘Key Role’ In Britain’s Productivity


The weight of Britain’s improved productivity could soon be on our pressure relief valves, as the UK’s Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) has championed the industry as an answer to the government’s recent productivity white paper.

According to Bioenergy News, the new government strategy, which is looking to strengthen Britain’s creation of products of value to the economy, fits perfectly with the goals and infrastructure of anaerobic digestion, making them good bedfellows.

Two of the key focus points for the strategy are agricultural technology and a ’circular economy’ – an economy where we keep using resources for as long as possible, extracting maximum value from products. Anaerobic digestion does both by encouraging agricultural sustainability and re-use of organic matter.

Charlotte Morton, CEO of ADBA, said that she is encouraged to hear that the government will be incentivising investment in sustainable agriculture technology, such as anaerobic digestion: “In terms of sustainable agriculture, AD is vital to transforming food production so that we can ‘produce more from less’ whilst reducing emissions, pollution, waste, and soil erosion across the UK,” she says.

Not only does anaerobic digestion offer a solution to organic farm waste, it also offers renewable energy and fuel for transport, as well as restoring soil productivity in the form of nutrient rich fertiliser, closing the loop and creating that circular economy.

ABDA closed by encouraging the government to follow up with support for the industry, as the productivity white paper is presently just a series of guidelines for a forward strategy of government investment and championing of new sectors which will help Britain and the rest of the UK increase levels of productivity.