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Advanced AD Plant Set For Wales

Plans to construct an advanced anaerobic digestion (AAD) plant at Cog Moors Welsh Water Treatment Works in the Vale of Glamorgan have been given the green light.

Councillors approved the plans for the new facility, despite concerns from residents about the smell and increased noise. The environmental health officer for the local council told Wales Online that they are confident there won’t be any negative impact on residents in terms of the smell or noise.

Once it’s operational, the AAD plant will turn sewage sludge into biogas and fertiliser. The gas will then be used to generate electricity.

The news provider shared a planning statement in support of the development, which said: “Over recent years, AAD technologies, involving thermal hydrolysis, have become well established and enable the overall digestion process to operate more efficiently, producing both increased volumes of biogas and an improved fertiliser.”

The site at Cogs Moor already has a sludge treatment digestion process, and this new plant will complement the existing operations, the statement added.

In Surrey, meanwhile, the construction of an Eco Park to be run by Suez is progressing well, Let’s Recycle reported.

The firm told the news provider that the buildings have nearly been completed, and that the AD plant on the site will be ready to start accepting residual and food waste from later this summer.

Once it’s completed, the Eco Park will feature the AD plant, as well as the existing household waste and recycling plant that’s already operational.

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