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AD Ideal ĎAt Making Sewage Valuable Againí

Most of us regard sewage as waste, but anaerobic digestion (AD) can make it an incredible valuable source of energy again, providing significant financial gains in the process.

CCO of CooperOstlund Tim Broadhurst told Environment Journal Online how important AD is in recycling wastewater and sewage.

He noted that the sludge produces methane during decomposition, which can be stored and transformed into renewable, clean energy through the process of AD using combined heat and power (CHP) engines.

According to the article, sewage and sludge have a high energy yield, producing ten times the amount of energy it takes to treat it. Wastewater alone can generate two million tonnes of sludge in the UK every year, which can be utilised in a resourceful way.

“The financial benefits for its use are compelling – AD not only creates energy from the sludge, but it also reduces the solids content by up to 30 per cent, reducing the energy costs involved in its transportation,” stated Mr Broadhurst.

He went on to say water and wastewater AD facilities typically pay for themselves within 18 months.

The AD process also has environmental benefits as well, which is significant “given today’s appetite for sustainable practices”.

Indeed, even Glastonbury has committed to using AD to fuel its Pyramid Stage. The Festivals reported that Worthy Farm has installed an AD plant, which is able to generate 124-kilowatts of energy as the result of a generator powered by methane gas from cow manure.

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