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100 Cities Now Powered By Renewable Energy


Tank fitting is vital for the growing energy demands of the world we live in, but there is no reason why all of that energy generation has to be from conventional energy sources.

Close to 100 cities now get over 70 per cent of their energy needs from renewable energy sources, a figure that has doubled since 2015. The data revealing this incredible growth for the renewables sector was published on Tuesday by not-for-profit environmental impact researcher CDP.

Many of these cities were large urban centres, such as Auckland, Nairobi and Brasilia, demonstrating that “cities not only want to shift to renewably energy, but, most importantly – they can.”, said Kyra Appleby, CDP’s director of cities.

Much of the change has been driven by mayors of cities, of whom 7,400 formed a coalition to combat climate change when Donald Trump pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement last year.

Unsurprisingly the US fares the worst for cities that run on renewable energy, with Burlington, Vermont the only US city on the list to receive over 70 per cent of its energy from renewable resources.

South of the border, Latin America has demonstrated that it is investing in renewables, with 30 of the 101 cities on the list being found there. This was thought to be due to the substantial amount of hydropower created in the region.

The UK has a total of 84 cities who have pledged to run entirely off renewable energy by 2050, and that number recently increased by 14. These include Liverpool, Bristol, Bury and Redcar and Cleaveland, among others.